Nyang Nyang/ Labuan Sait/ Suluban

Nyang Nyang/ Labuan Sait/ Suluban Beach is located a few kilometres north of the ancient temple of Uluwatu, facing the vast Indian Ocean From the parking area, one must descend down stairs and pass through long narrow gap of cliff before reaching the wide beach area. The sea water here is crystal clear and the large waves make it one of the best places for surfing in all of Bali, as surfing lovers throughout the world have already discovered. Read more » Nyang Nyang/ Labuan Sait/ Suluban

Petang/ Pelaga Village

Located 800 meters above sea level, about 45 kilometers north of Denpasar at the northern most point of Badung Regency. Both villages presents interesting agro tourism areas due to their intact ecology. Their vast horticulture of vegetables, coffee, vanilla, corn and more add to the beauty of the sights and their charming atmospehers. Read more » Petang/ Pelaga Village

Nusa Dua

It means “two islands” in Bahasa Indonesia. There is one of the premier resort areas in the world. The area is located 20 minutes south of the Denpasar International Airport Ngurah Rai, and is a short drive to many of Bali’s attractions and beautiful beaches. This is the home of many of Bali’s worlds-class luxury resort hotels. Read more » Nusa Dua

Sadha Kapal Temple

This Temple with decorative carvings is famous for its intricacy and ingenuity. Dating from the Majapahit period, this originally was an old dynastic sanctuary (prasada) of Mengwi Royalty, Ratu Jayengrat, a noble, who sailed from Majapahit and stranded on the coral reef at Kapal Village. Read more » Sadha Kapal Temple


Sangeh is the village whose northern part covers about 14 hectares of a holy homogeen forest of “Pala” trees with hundreds of monkey inhabitants. The trees cannot be found on any other part of Bali and their existence in this village remains a mystery. Look for a lovely mossy temple, which is hidden amongst the tall and gracious “Palatrees”. Read more » Sangeh