Deluang Sari Turtle Farm

This farm’s goal is to promote the survival of the green turtles, which are an endangered species. The farm is located next to Tanjung Benoa, near Nusa Dua and Jimbaran Bay. The shy turtles are kept in bamboo fences, so that they are safe from poachers. People are now encouraged not to kill the turtles for food, in order to ensure the survival of these creatures. Read more » Deluang Sari Turtle Farm


Sangeh is the village whose northern part covers about 14 hectares of a holy homogeen forest of “Pala” trees with hundreds of monkey inhabitants. The trees cannot be found on any other part of Bali and their existence in this village remains a mystery. Look for a lovely mossy temple, which is hidden amongst the tall and gracious “Palatrees”. Read more » Sangeh

Jimbaran Beach

This area is just south of Kedonganan beach and has a very beautiful white sand area and clear sea water that is suitable for recreation and relaxation. It is quiter than its neighbouring beaches and one will find nice hotels and mostly seafood restaurants. Jimbaran is, in fact, famous for its delicious seafood with Jimbaran’s secret sauce. “You’ve got to taste it to believe it. Mainly sea food, particularly its typical grilled sea food. Read more » Jimbaran Beach

Tanah Wuuk

Is a beautiful river valley of “Tukad Penet”, just 2 kilometers north of the Sangeh holy monkey forest. Its location is off the main road, hidden behind rice fiels, and is a very quiet and private place to enjoy the pristine nature. Read more » Tanah Wuuk

Tanjung Benoa

Located north of Nusa Dua, this is a beautiful white sand beach area where visitors can enjoy many types of water recreation and sport such as snorkeling, parasailing, diving, boating, sailing, glass bottom boating and more. This area is an extension of Nusa Dua Resort, with easy access to its luxurious hotels and other tourism facilities. Read more » Tanjung Benoa