Besakih Temple

Bali’s “mother temple”, the largest temple in Bali, is over 900 meters up to the slopes of Gunung Agung. It has been regarded as a holy place since pre-historic times in Bali. The first recorded mention of its existence is from an inscription from the fifteenth century. Its has been regarded as a central, holy temple for the entire island. All the allegiances of the Balinese people come together at Besakih. Each Regency has its own temple within the overall compound, as do each of the caste groups. Read more » Besakih Temple

Bukit Jambul

On the way to the mount Batur, Kintamani, there is a stopover with its very enchanting scenery, located parallel to the hill, rice fields and the sea in distance. restaurants are also available there. Read more » Bukit Jambul

Amed and Tulamben

Approximately 1.5 hour from Badung north of Padang Bai. There is most popular diving site or snorkeling in Bali. A shipwreck and a drop-off accesible from the beach offer easy access to colorful under water world. The magnificent coral viewing, also notorious for sharks, rays and a wide variety of beautiful fish live. Diving courses are also available. Read more » Amed and Tulamben

Bali for The World

Some peaceful places you need to visit …


The Regency of Badung, which is located between 08 degrees south latitude and 115 degrees east longitude, is shaped like “keris”, a traditional sword in Bali. The Regency, which has only 418.52 square kilometers of land, is divided into six districts (kecamatan), 40 administrative villages (desa dinas and kelurahan), and as many as 117 traditional villages (desa adat). Read more » Bali for The World


Protected for centuries from the outside world by its surrounding walls, the village of Tenganan has maintained its ancient pre-Hindu customs through a strong code of non-fraternization with outsiders. Tenganan is famous for its ‘double ikat’ woven material called gringsing, which is supposed to protect the wearer with magic powers. Read more » Tenganan