The Basics of the NBA


The NBA is a professional basketball league consisting of 30 teams from across the country. Each team plays 82 games in a regular season. The league is split into two conferences and three divisions. The regular season features games between teams in the same conference and from different conferences. There are also play-in games that occur once per season.

In 1950, the NBA consisted of seventeen franchises. In 1952, this number dropped to eleven, while in 1953-54, it was down to eight. These teams are still in existence today. While the NBA does not rely on ticket sales, ticketing still plays a large role in the league’s revenue.

Each year, the NBA holds an All-Star Game. The top vote-getters in each conference are named captains, and the other starters are selected by coaches. Each conference’s top vote-getters then draft their own team from a player pool. The top vote-getter team earns the first pick. The seventh and eighth teams must win at least one game to qualify, while the ninth and tenth teams must win two games to advance.

In 1954, the NBA introduced a 24-second shot clock to discourage teams from running the clock late. In 1979, the three-point line was added to the game, allowing teams to expand the court and increase scoring opportunities. In 2001, the league implemented a defensive three-second violation, which prevents teams from playing zone defenses.

The National Basketball Association consists of 30 teams in the U.S. and one team in Canada. The league is divided into two conferences, the Eastern and the Western, with five teams in each division. Currently, the two conference champions are the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. During the 1970s, Magic Johnson’s Lakers were nicknamed “showtime” in the NBA.

The NBA draft is held every year near the end of June. Teams can’t trade players after the trading deadline. However, they can still sign or release players. Many of the major trades are made before the deadline. As a result, the trading deadline is a busy time for general managers. You can’t afford to miss it.

In recent years, the league has welcomed new teams. The San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, and Indiana Pacers have all joined the league. The Brooklyn Nets, however, became the New York Nets. With the help of these great players, the NBA has reached the Finals four times since the decade began. In 2011, the Miami Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks. In 2012 and 2013, they won back-to-back championships, only to be defeated by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 Finals.

There are various ways to calculate player efficiency in the NBA. One of these metrics is called Win Shares. This statistic is derived from a combination of team and player statistics. When combined, it equals the team’s win total for the season.