The Meaning of the Jewish Baby Name Judi


The meaning of the Hebrew baby name Judi is “Jewess.” The American version of this name is a derivative of Judy, meaning “Jewish.” Some other popular versions of Judi include Judith, Judye, and Juddah. Although they’re not very common, the Judi forms are common. If you want to give your child a Jewish name, consider Judith or Judye. These variants were popular in the 1940s, but have fallen out of style since then.

The name JUDI is derived from the Greek word judeo, meaning “good”. It was given to a person who was kind. It also means a “relative”. There are some similarities between a person with the same first name and someone who is close to them. It is a feminine form of the male gender. The female form of the name, meanwhile, comes from the Greek word jodhhu.

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