The National Basketball Association is one of the largest sports leagues in the world with an audience of over 2.1 billion. Teams compete in divisions and conference playoffs to earn a spot in the postseason. It also sponsors the NBA Cares program, which promotes health and education. However, there are plenty of challenges for the NBA. One of these is the influx of former athletes leaving the court to become part of other industries. Another challenge is the trend towards less television viewing.

The draft is a vital event for teams. Every year, the top vote-getters are selected to captain their teams in the upcoming season. These teams then draft from a pool of players, and select the best of the bunch. This translates into a better chance of a team making the playoffs.

Despite the drafting process, the NBA still faces a number of issues. Teams may be out of money after the draft, and it can be difficult to make trades. There are also security concerns in the form of front office staff and strength coaches. And, the franchises are not all in the same part of the country. As such, the NBA has had to look into other ways of attracting fans.

A new format was introduced for the 2006-07 season. In that year, teams were divided into three divisions. Each team plays 10 games at home, and 20 games on the road. For the playoffs, the top eight teams compete for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. If a tie occurs, a tiebreaker system is used.

Some of the biggest stars of the decade were the Chicago Bulls and the Minneapolis Lakers. Others included Elvin Hayes, Karl Malone, and Moses Malone.

The first half of the regular season is scheduled for October through April. Training camps begin in September, allowing the coaching staff to evaluate their players. Players are assigned to teams based on their strength and experience. During the All-Star break, the NBA will hold its annual All-Star Game. After the game, the winning team is crowned champion. Several of the league’s major contributors are awarded championship rings.

The NBA is a revenue share league. The amount each team receives is determined by their salary cap. That revenue is then redistributed between the teams in the league. Currently, the NBA has 29 teams, and the majority of them are located in the Eastern Time Zone. Despite this, the league also has a small presence in Canada and Mexico.

One of the most important changes for the NBA was the move from Adidas to Nike. This deal represented an increase of 245% per year. But, the league also lost a few franchises. Financial problems plagued many of the NBL teams in smaller markets. Eventually, the NBA merged with the National Basketball League. Originally, there were 17 franchises. When the two leagues merged, the NBA only had 11 teams.

The NBA has a large social media community. Fans and other interested parties are able to interact with each other through the NBA’s website and social media accounts. Moreover, the league has a robust social care program that focuses on youth and family issues.