How to Create Rumors to Get Revenge on Someone You Dislike


Rumor is an idea or belief that spreads from person to person through word of mouth. It is not necessarily true, but it is often believed and can cause great harm. Rumor can be a part of everyday life, such as a rumor about a coworker getting fired or a friend having a baby. It can also occur in more serious situations such as rumors about natural disasters, war, or terrorist attacks. In addition, rumors can be used to manipulate or control people’s behavior, such as reducing product sales (“Soft Drink Company X puts something in their soda that makes black men sterile”), encouraging noninvolvement in disaster relief efforts (e.g., rumors that the water in New Orleans was toxic) or fomenting riots (e.g., rumors that police killed a Native Australian by impaling him with a samurai sword led to widespread rioting).

Knapp states that a rumor is an idea that satisfies three basic criteria: it is transmitted by word of mouth; it provides “information” about a “person, event or condition”; and it gratifies the emotions and needs of people. The last criterion is especially important, as it indicates that rumors are not only based on facts but on the feelings of individuals and groups.

Creating a rumor can be an effective way to get revenge on someone you dislike. The key is to make the rumor believable. People who do not believe a rumor will not pass it along. It is also important to include evidence in your rumor. This can be in the form of a picture, a reference to an unreliable source or even just an explanation of why you believe your rumor is correct.

A rumor can spread very quickly if it is well-concocted and passed along by the right people. The most effective way to spread a rumor is through word of mouth, but you can also try spreading it on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites can be used to target specific groups of people who would be interested in the rumor, such as by targeting a large group of friends who all work for the same company or live close to each other.

If you are trying to start a rumor about a certain individual, it is best to find out what their interests are and then create a rumor that fits with those interests. For example, if you are targeting someone who loves to gossip, try starting a rumor about them spending a lot of money on cosmetic surgery or having a weird obsession with Angelina Jolie. This will satisfy their desire to gossip and could encourage them to share the rumor with others. In addition, you should target a big gossiper and give them the details of your rumor to ensure that they will pass it on to their friends. Finally, it is important to keep the rumor as simple as possible. Too many details can distract from the main point and confuse the audience.