How to Follow the NBA

The National Basketball Association has been around since 1954. The NBA is among the four major professional North American sports leagues and is considered the premier professional men’s professional league in the United States and Canada. It is also one of the top ranked sports in the world. It is the only professional sports league to have won six World Championships. There are three different conferences including the Eastern and Western Conference and the Central and Western Conference.


The NBA has several unique features that set it apart from other professional leagues. For example, unlike the NFL, which has two conferences with four teams each, the NBA has five teams in each conference. This makes it more difficult to win the division or playoff series because you must win two out of three games in each conference. The result is that the Eastern Conference is more competitive than the West Conference. The Western Conference, however, has a number of powerhouse teams that have won the last six NBA titles, while the Eastern Conference has only one team to call its own, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Another difference is that the NBA has a salary cap that limits the amount that teams can spend on players. Teams can only carry so many payrolls, so they need to have several high quality players and a good amount of depth. In contrast, the NFL has no salary cap but relies on free agency and the trade market to bring in good players. Unlike in the NBA where all contracts are guaranteed, the contracts of NBA players are often still open for negotiation even after signing. Each team has the right to match any contract offer if it believes it will make an offer better than the ones previously made.

There are some similarities between the NBA and NFL. Both leagues require players to wear comfortable basketball jerseys and suitable footwear when playing. Unlike in the NFL, professional basketball is not concerned with the color of a player’s skin or his heritage. A player can play for the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, but it does not matter as much if he wears green jeans as long as he is wearing a jersey that is acceptable to the NBA.

But what separates the NBA from the NFL is the fact that its players and teams have a social media presence that can be compared to that of their professional baseball counterparts. Fans can follow their favorite NBA players and get updates on when they might be available to play. Similarly, NFL fans can follow the transactions and news involving their favorite teams via Twitter and Facebook. This keeps both sets of fans happy. So if you are a fan of either the NBA or the NFL, make sure to follow the major leagues via their social media presence and keep track of how their teams are doing in real time.

The fact that there are so many international basketball leagues gives NBA fans a great opportunity to see some of their national teams play in person. While NBA games are generally restricted to local games, there are some instances where international teams play against NBA teams. Keep your eye out for this, so you can follow your team’s progress at the NBA season. And last but not the least, NBA fans should always remember that the lottery used to be an exciting part of the season, but now that the players have a real stake in the league, it has become a little more boring.