How to Stop Rumors From Becoming a Vicious Circle

A rumor, is also known as a “rumor story” and is often confused with a story. However, a rumor is not a true story. Rather it is just that: a story that may have no basis in fact. Just because you heard it somewhere does not mean that it’s true. The best way to determine if a rumor is true is to look at the sources for it. That should give you a good indication if it is true or not.

Strategic Communication There are lots of rumours floating around so you’re going to need to be very strategic in how you handle them. The more credible the source, the better. This can be done through several different things:

Be Prepared to Deal With Rumors When a rumour spreads it is important to be prepared to deal with it. One of the most effective ways to deal with a rumour is to actually deal with it directly. For example, if someone is posting on a bulletin board about a rumor that is circulating, it is important to step in and say that you are aware of the rumour and will not partake in it. It is also important not to engage in any kind of behaviour that will perpetuate the rumour (i.e. gossiping).

Take Control When a gossip starts to spread, step in and step away. If you see someone starting to participate in the gossip but not really taking part, try to engage them in a civil way that doesn’t involve accusing them of being involved. Always take control of the situation before someone gets out of hand. If you don’t take control you will likely be the target of the gossip.

Ignore the Rumors Even when you notice someone participating in a rumor ask yourself, “is this something worth joining?”. If the answer is no, ignore the person. It is easy to fall into the pattern of gossip when there are people around who would love to pass around a rumour. Taking action immediately can stop any rumours from getting out of hand.

Remember the Lord’s warning in the Bible about the lost world. There are powerful people who will take any opportunity to spread rumors in order to serve their will. It is important to always stay on guard against rumors because they are an important part of life. With a strong sense of self-awareness one can easily avoid falling victim to a rumour and stand firm against those who would use it as a weapon.