NBA – The Sport of Today

The National Basketball Association has been around since nineteen eighty. The National Basketball Association consists of thirty teams and is among the four major professional athletic leagues in the United States and Canada. It is also the premier men’s professional sports league in the world


The United States is among the strongest professional sports league when it comes to the overall revenue that it brings in each year. The earnings of every game that is played by the NBA players and teams are responsible for approximately two hundred million dollars. The basketball games that are played in different countries or in different seasons bring more revenue to the NBA. So, it is not a surprise that a lot of people have been hooked on this particular sport.

In this current era, there are already thirty teams in the NBA. Each one of them plays against teams from other countries. There are two conferences in which the NBA is present in. These conferences consist of six teams each.

One of the most awaited events that is witnessed annually in the United States is the NBA draft. The first round of this particular draft produces many stars of the professional basketball league. Eventually, the player selected by the Chicago Bulls will be crowned as the next champion of this popular tournament. There are also two conferences in which the NBA is present in.

The Eastern Conference consists of six teams while the Western Conference features two teams. There have been number of great players who have emerged out of the NBA bubble teams. Some of these players have become legends in their own right and have become the role models for young basketball players. Some of them have reached the World Championships of basketball.

The fans of NBA are very excited about the various matches that are scheduled for the NBA playoffs. The fans can’t wait to see who will win the championship in these playoffs. It has been a very interesting series so far, with lots of ups and downs for both the teams. There have been record breaking statistics because of this.

The Eastern Conference has been more dominant than the Western Conference in terms of its record. The Eastern Conference has 22 teams while the Western Conference only has 16 teams. But both of these teams have been playing against each other with each other participating in thrilling NBA games.

The salary cap of the NBA has a great effect on the popularity of this major international sport. The Eastern Conference is having a difficult time to pay the salary of its players while the Western Conference is doing pretty good in its negotiations for the salary cap of its players. The salary cap is an important issue among the players and their agents. The players are demanding for a higher salary cap while the agents of the players are opposing such demands.

It is a fact that the NBA is enjoying its largest fan base. Every year, there are various different tournaments and events which attract millions of fans from around the world. The most recent tournament which attracted huge numbers of fans is the London Olympics. So the popularity of the NBA is not something to be doubted about as it continues to gain unprecedented support from the fans and players of America and worldwide.