Rumors – What is a Rumor?

A rumor is a false story circulated among people, often without any basis. It can be the result of ambiguity, fear, or irrational behavior. It is most common in close relationships, especially among young people. The definition of a rumor can be found in the Oxford Dictionary. Here are some of the different types of rumors and the definitions of each. For more information, see The Wikipedia article on a ‘rumor’.


The word rumor has various definitions. It can be true, false, or semi-true. It is derived from the Latin word rumorem. A rumor can be either accurate or untrue. Its name refers to the’seed of a speculative belief’ that spreads through a social network. For example, a rumor that spreads about a celebrity’s affair may be true. It could also be a statement that was made by a friend. It is difficult to determine whether a rumor is true or false.

To understand a rumor, one must first understand the source of the rumor. It must be a reliable source, such as a person or organization. It must also have some credibility. The rumor has to be authentic and true. In addition, it cannot be anonymous. In order to be a rumor, it should have at least five statements, which must be spread over a period of two days. A rumor can spread quickly, especially in a highly developed electronic society.

Interestingly, some rumors involve unreliable statements, such as those involving a war. Another example is a rumor about an alleged love affair. In a political setting, a rumor could be about something that is not true. Likewise, a rumor about a weapon of mass destruction can be false. The truth can be unknown or controversial. In a democracy, a rumor about a war is more likely to be unreliable than one about a political leader.

According to researchers, rumors are often used to destabilize a nation. A rumor bomb is a rumor that transfers public uncertainty to an opponent. The rumor’s source is a partisan or an anonymous person. In a highly developed electronic society, a rumor can spread rapidly. And in a polarized society, a rumor is a gossip if it is spread about a political candidate.

BITnet is a computer network. Participants were required to make five or more statements on a particular topic within a two-day period. Discussions were coded according to their content, from apprehension to fear. It is important to note that a rumor can be a partisan rumor, or a gossip of a politician. Therefore, a rumor can be any news or opinion about a politician.

Unlike other types of rumors, gossip can be harmful. It can cause a crisis and dissipate morale. Some rumors can be used to promote an agenda. During the war, rumors were often spread to destabilize a political candidate. However, the rumor may have a positive effect on a campaign. It can also influence the vote of a candidate. In some cases, a rumor can influence an election.