Rumors – Why They Spread and How to Stop Them


A rumor is an unverified account or explanation of events that circulates from person to person and pertains to an object, event, or issue of concern. It is a special type of informal social communication distinct from myth, legend, and current humour in that it is topical. Rumor can also be seen as a subset of propaganda, which is an attempt to influence opinions and behavior.

One of the primary reasons a rumor spreads is because it satisfies a public desire. If the rumor makes people feel something — like fear or interest — then they will share it with their friends. For example, a story about a terrorist attack in Europe will get passed around because of the fear it triggers. This is why it is important to only pass along accurate information.

Another way a rumor spreads is because of its credibility. The more credible the rumor is, the more people will believe it. This is why it is so dangerous to be the source of a rumor. If you want to stop a rumor, make sure that it is impossible for it to be disproven. For example, if someone is spreading a rumor about you that you were cheating on your significant other then you can try to show evidence that you are being faithful. This might take some work but it will help to prove the rumor is false.

When it comes to positive rumors, the most effective way to promote them is through word of mouth. This is why so many businesses rely on their customers to spread the word about them. If a student loves a local hair salon then they will tell two friends who will tell their friend and so on and so forth. This kind of a rumor is very difficult to stop.

Whether positive or negative, a rumor will eventually run its course. In high school, there are always rumors about different students. These rumors can be very damaging to the reputation of an individual. In the end, these rumors tend to die out because they become old news or because the students involved no longer have anything to do with each other.

It is important to remember that most rumors are not malicious and most people do not want to cause you harm. If a rumor is spreading about you then you should first figure out why it is being spread and where it came from. For instance, if it is from one of your friends then you should try to understand their motivation for spreading the rumor. They may be jealous of you or they may simply be upset with their own life and are trying to add some drama. Hopefully, you can have a conversation with the person who is spreading the rumor and convince them to stop. This is a hard task but if you treat them with grace they will hopefully realize that they are hurting others and change their ways.