The Basics of Football


Football has been around for centuries. The game was invented by John Day, who called the game the blind Beggar of Bethnal Green, and was played as an athletic game in England. It gained popularity in England and soon reached the Olympic Games. In 1908, it became the official sport of the London Olympics and has been played at every Summer Games since. The sport has also become a global phenomenon, with the rise of the FIFA (Federation of Association Football) in the 20th century.

In 1892, Spaulding Sports Worldwide of Chicopee, Massachusetts produced the first footballs in the United States. While early footballs were made of pig bladder, modern footballs are made of inflated rubber. The leather covers are either pebble-grained or cowhide. The latter material is used for footballs because it is more durable and can be tanned.

Football has different scoring methods, and the most common are touchdowns and field goals. In a football game, a touchdown is scored when a player reaches the end zone with a pass or kick. An incomplete pass is a forward pass that flies out of bounds or touches the ground before being caught. In some instances, an offensive player may lose the ball or fumble it. The defensive player may recover the ball by running with it until he or she is tackled or forced out of bounds.

Another important feature of football is the strategy between the coaching staffs. Each team has a playbook with dozens to hundreds of plays. Each play must be strategically sound. Some plays are safe and can be run without harm, while others have a high potential to gain long yardage or result in a turnover. When it comes to reducing the risks of an injury, the NFL is taking precautions.

A touchdown is worth two points, and a field goal is worth three. The goalpost is located at the back of the field, on the end line. Once the ball crosses the goal post, the score is considered a touchdown. A safety is also worth two points, and is the result of a safety by the defensive team.

American football has its roots in soccer and rugby. In 1906, the American version of the game was modified to allow forward passing. This change led to the game being known as football. It is similar to soccer, but has many distinct features. In its early stages, American football was mostly a kicking game. However, it evolved to become a team sport.