The Basics of Football


Football is a sport that involves two teams of players on a field. The goal of the game is to score more goals than your opponent. You can play it at professional levels or at an amateur level. There are many people around the world who enjoy football. In fact, over 240 million people play the game in 200 countries.

When playing football, you must wear protective gear. Basically, you are wearing boots and shin pads. During play, you will have to pass the ball to other teammates. At times, you will be dribbling the ball in an attempt to reach your opponent’s goal. If the ball goes out of play, you will have to throw it in.

During the game, you will have three substitutions. These substitutions will allow you to switch positions. They can be made during any phase of the game. You will also be allowed to use a minimum of seven players. Depending on the size of your team, you may be able to get into several different positions.

The main players in your team are the offensive and defensive players. The defense will defend the offense and prevent it from scoring. A goal is scored when one player holds the ball and he or she kicks it through the opponent’s goal post. The ball must be a circular shape and it must be 58-61 cm in diameter.

Your offensive team will have four chances to move the ball 10 yards down the field. Each of these four downs is called a “down”. If you fail to get to the first down line, your offense will be penalized. This will result in a loss of yards for your offense.

To win, your offense needs to get a touchdown. A touchdown is a goal that is scored when the ball crosses the end zone plane. However, a touchdown can also be a result of a fumble by the defense.

If your offense fails to advance the ball 10 yards on a down, you will be given a turnover. Turnovers include fumbles and interceptions. Getting a turnover means that your team gets the ball back and you start the play afresh.

An example of a turnover is if you do not have the ball after a kickoff. Your offense will have to get the ball back through a tackle or punt. Punting is the most common way to get the ball back.

The special teams are responsible for getting extra points. If your offense is awarded a field goal, they will also have a chance to win a game. Field goals are awarded to your special teams when they are scored.

Special teams are also in charge of the field. Unlike the rest of the field, the goal of the special teams is to control the position of the field. Therefore, when the field is shifted, the special teams are able to make a touchdown.

Whether you play at the pro level or just have fun at a local game, you will want to know some basic football facts. These will help you impress your friends during your next game.