The Basics of Football

Football is a game where two teams battle to advance the ball forward toward the opposing team’s end zone. Each team has offense players, defense players, and specialized players called special teams. The offensive players will attempt to run with the ball or throw it to a receiver. The defensive players will try to stop the other team from running or throwing the ball. If a player is tackled while holding the ball, it is called a safety and counts for two points. If a team kicks the ball through a structure in the end zone, it will receive three points (a field goal).

The football used for football is inflated with air inside of a leather covering that has been stitched around a rubber bladder. It is 160-feet long and has a 10-yard end zone for each team. There are lines running the width of the field at 5-yard intervals and also shorter lines, called hash marks, that mark each single yard interval down the field. No player may touch the ball with any part of their body other than their hands, and if they do they will be penalized.

There are two pylons that flank each of the end zones and there is an area 10-yard wide (9 meters) behind each team’s end zone that is considered their own end zone. A chain-link fence is attached to the pylons and a 6-foot-wide boundary line, known as the sideline, extends parallel with each one.

A team of officials handles a chain on the sidelines that indicates where the offensive team must gain 10 yards to earn a first down. The offense will have four chances, or downs, to do this. If they do, the down count resets; if they don’t, the other team gets possession of the ball through a free-kick.

The offensive player who holds the ball is called a quarterback, or QB, and they may throw or run with the ball. The QB can be protected by the offensive linemen, who are called guards and tackles. The guards and tackles will block other defensive players and try to move the opposing players out of the way.

When a play ends, it is either a touchdown (worth six points) or a turnover (the ball is given to the other team). There are also other ways to score points, such as kicking the ball through the goal posts and extra-points after touchdowns.

The game of football is a popular sport that draws a crowd to stadiums and TV screens. It can be very exciting to watch, especially if you have a rivalry with another team. It is common for people to become very devoted to their favorite team and will cheer them on even when they are not playing well. They may gloat about their team’s victories and curse at their rivals when they lose. Football can be a great way to socialize with friends, make new ones, and have fun.