The History of the NBA


The nba has 30 teams that are split into two conferences. The teams compete within their conference during the regular season, but will play against teams outside their conference during the playoffs if they make it that far. This allows the best teams in each conference to face off against one another.

The NBA championship game is played between the winners of the Eastern and Western conferences. The winning team earns the title of world champion. The league was founded in 1949. Its early years were turbulent, as players struggled to deal with the newfound wealth they accumulated. Many came from unstable families in inner-city ghettoes and could not cope with their sudden wealth. As a result, the NBA became known for chaos and violence on the courts and in the streets of urban America.

To win the championship, a team must win four rounds of playoff games. The first round is a series of best-of-five games. The second is a series of best-of-seven games. The third and fourth rounds are best-of-seven games as well. The top-ranking teams engage in a best-of-seven finals to determine the champion.

The dribbler has the responsibility for maintaining control of the ball at all times. The dribbler may not knowingly lose control of the ball. Consequently, a defender may not crowd the dribbler and cause illegal contact. A dribbler may not deliberately pass the ball over or under the basket to avoid a defensive player.

In 1974 the NBA introduced the jump ball to start the second through fourth quarters. This replaced the previous method of starting the period by passing the ball to a player on the opposite team, who then dribbles toward the other end of the court. In the same year, the NBA also instituted a shot clock of 24 seconds to speed up the game and encourage more shooting.

The NBA continues to experiment with ways to improve the quality of its competition and to draw in casual fans who might not tune in during the marathon 82-game marathon that is the regular season. In the past decade, they have introduced several changes to the rules of the game, including the hand-checking rule and the ejection of players from games for unsportsmanlike behavior. They have also tried to create better television coverage and give a more visible role to the league’s stars.

The NBA also has a tougher policy on resting star players during games, which can affect the competitiveness of teams trying to finish in a high enough spot to play in the postseason. The NBA will fine teams that violate this rule unless they have prior express approval from the league to rest players, which will only be granted to certain stars in certain situations. This policy is meant to ensure that the best-performing players are available for nationally televised games and the NBA’s new in-season tournament. It is also aimed at ensuring that healthy star players are available for all of the regular season games, so that their games have an impact.