The 1980’s were a time of change in the NBA. The league was in financial trouble and the Western Division was filled with team rumors about relocation. The league sought to find new markets and ways to attract fans. During this time, the Utah Jazz were the closest team to financial ruin. A number of players from this era went on to become stars in the NBA.

The NBA playoffs consist of the top eight teams in each conference. The teams that advance to the playoffs have a better record than those that do not. In the first round, the team that earned the best regular-season record gets the home court advantage. The Los Angeles Clippers, who won the most games in the regular season, were eliminated from the playoffs.

The regular season of the NBA starts in mid-October and ends in early April. The season involves 82 games for each team. Teams compete with each other within their division as well as those outside their division for a chance to make the playoffs. After the regular season, eight playoff spots are filled and the champion is determined. After four rounds, the winner of each division wins the championship. A wildcard spot can also be awarded to a team that is not in the playoffs, depending on their record during the regular season.

The NBA started out as a sideline for the NHL. Its biggest advantages were big cities and consistency. The league was founded in 1946 and was initially a way for NHL owners to make money when their teams weren’t playing. In fact, the first NBA teams were based in cities where NHL teams were already based.

The NBA has been a strong opponent of sports betting. It was the first major league to ban betting on games, but this stance has been softer in recent years. However, the NBA continues to fight the state of New Jersey, which has an online betting license. While the NBA has a strong stance against gambling, there are several scandals surrounding the sport.

The NBA playoffs are played in a best-of-seven format, and the top two teams of each conference meet in the NBA Finals. The winners of these games are awarded the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy and a championship ring. The NBA also hosts an NBA Replay Center, which uses a high-speed arena network for replay reviews.

The NBA has a new policy in place to combat this problem. The league has made sure its players are safe by testing for COVID-19. This is an attempt to stop the spread of the virus and to prevent future outbreaks. While the system isn’t perfect, it’s a step in the right direction.

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