The Proposal to Eliminate Conference Boundaries in the NBA Playoffs


If you are an NBA fan, you’ve probably wondered why players pay so much to play in the league. The reason for this is simple: revenue sharing. It keeps teams within the regulations of the league and prevents them from building super teams. The salary cap helps teams compete with each other for championships while ensuring that each team meets its obligations to fans. However, it also limits the players’ freedom of movement. You may have noticed some players with big names on their team’s roster, but these players don’t get paid enough to keep up with the salaries of their peers.

The current NBA playoffs feature the two conference winners facing off in the finals. However, if you took away the conference boundaries, you could allow a good western team to qualify. This would make the playoffs more competitive and generate more seven-game series. The NBA would also benefit from this change by generating more TV ratings and more social interaction. There are, however, several challenges with this proposal. Read Evan Wasch’s article for more information on this controversial proposal.

The NBA playoffs have been a long process, but the benefits are well worth it. Teams are allowed to play 15 players, with up to 13 active during each quarter. Despite this, there is no first-round bye, nor are there any wildcard teams. This means that the playoffs take at least 165-seven days to play. And that’s before you begin your playoff season! So, what are you waiting for? Start planning now!

After the regular season ends, the league’s All-Star Game is held in June. The top vote-getters in each conference are named captains and determine the rest of the starting lineup. The remaining 14 players are chosen by coaches. The top vote-getters in each conference then draft their own team. The first pick goes to the team that finished with the least wins during the regular season, but the teams may change their order throughout the year through trades.

While bigger rotations may be one factor for the increased number of player minutes, the fact remains that a deeper bench also means players are better able to recover. Coaches are increasingly looking for aggressive players who can get after the ball and play fewer minutes. With the help of technology, the NBA has made it possible for players to play more minutes without experiencing fatigue. And it doesn’t hurt that the NBA has become a billion dollar industry.

As the NBA grew, many teams joined. The San Antonio Spurs, the Denver Nuggets, and the Indiana Pacers were added. A team called the Brooklyn Nets was formed in this decade. Barnes was nicknamed “Bad News Marvin” because of his off-court issues. He had a loaded gun in his locker and smoked cocaine during halftime. Still, he was a top player of his era.