The Rise of the NBA


When the NBA first merged with the National Basketball League, it had 17 teams. That number dwindled to 8 teams after just six years. The NBA was having financial troubles and many of the NBL’s smaller markets were struggling. The Fort Wayne Pistons, an NBL team, owned by Frank Zollner saved the league and kept it afloat. During the bleak 1980s, the NBA was faced with a similar situation, but the Pistons were eventually saved by their owner.

In 2006, the NBA introduced a new format for its playoffs. Instead of playing teams by seed, teams with a better record would get a home-court advantage. This gave the team with the better regular-season record the chance to advance further in the playoffs. The Denver Nuggets won 44 games in 2006 and were the third seed in the Northwest Division. In the Pacific Division, the Los Angeles Clippers won 47 games and finished second.

The NBA’s dominance of the league has its roots in the 1980s. After all, the league was founded as a way for NHL franchise owners to make money when their teams were not in play. In that decade, the NBA added five new teams and saw a surge in attendance. In addition to the players’ improved play, the league’s management changed as well. As a result, the NBA is now one of the most successful sports leagues in the world.

The NBA’s international expansion strategy has also helped the league earn more money. Since 2006, NBA teams have played against EuroLeague teams in exhibition games. Those teams earning high revenue are more likely to be able to afford their own salaries, which would force the smaller teams to spend more money on player salaries. Revenue sharing would result in an unsustainable system and a significant income gap among franchises. But the NBA is doing just fine.

The NBA has a rich history of partnerships with television networks. The Lakers won five championships in a row from 1948 to 1954. The Boston Celtics, on the other hand, won 11 in 13 seasons between 1957 and 1969. However, the Lakers and Celtics were not the only teams to dominate the NBA. The Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers were dominating in the 1990s, while the Los Angeles Lakers won eleven in a row during the ’80s.

The NBA’s partnership with ESPN and Bleacher Report helps to make it easier for fans to follow their favorite teams. These networks broadcast their games in a number of places, including local and regional television channels. You can also watch NBA games online, on YouTube and on a variety of streaming services. But, it’s important to note that the NBA has multiple broadcast rights. You’ll need to check your local television listings to see if you can watch them.

Regardless of the team you’re rooting for, you can bet that there’s been at least one NBA draft class that changed the game. During the 1984 draft, John Stockton was the 16th pick. If he had been selected earlier, he might have gone all the way to the fourth pick. The 1996 and 2003 draft classes were also very good, and the 2009 draft class is starting to catch up to these.