What is a Rumor?


Rumor is information that has not been verified. It can be spread by word of mouth or through social media. There is no definitive evidence to support the information, but it usually contains an element of truth. Rumors often have a strong influence on people’s behavior. They can cause fear, panic and uncertainty. A rumor is also known as a gossip, story, hearsay or falsehood.

There are many reasons why rumors become popular. They can be as simple as a desire to gossip or as complicated as an attempt by some people to bring down the image of a certain individual. People are generally concerned with their safety, how they look and money, so a rumor about any of these topics is likely to spread quickly.

The word rumor was originally spelled rumour, and it has been used since the 1500s. However, rumor has been the more popular spelling in English for over a century. It is not uncommon to use both terms, especially when referring to the same thing.

A rumor can spread rapidly, especially when it is forwarded via a number of individuals. This is a result of the way humans process information. Generally, people are more prone to believe a rumor that has been confirmed by multiple sources than a rumor that has not. A rumor can also be discredited with proof. If there is no proof to back up the rumor, it will die out.

Some rumors change as they are spread. This can happen when a simple fact is embellished to fit into a person’s preconceived notions, prejudices or existing attitude. For example, a rumor about a train accident could be inflated to say that 100 people died. This is a typical type of rumor that is circulated by yellow journalism.

People are quick to believe a rumor when it is about someone they like. They tend to want to gossip about these people because they feel that it will make them feel a part of the group. People are also prone to spread a rumor when they want to feel a sense of excitement or fear.

A rumor can be a powerful tool in marketing, if it is well spread. A rumor can be useful to promote a new film, product or service. It can even be used to promote a political campaign or event. It is important to make sure that a rumor is not false, though, as it can lead to serious consequences. A rumor that is false may be very damaging to a person’s reputation, and it may be hard to recover from this damage. The best way to avoid spreading a rumor is to be cautious and only share information that is verified.