What Is Football?

Football is a sport that’s played with a round ball and inflated air. Players use all parts of their bodies to pass the ball to the other team and score points. There are several different rules governing the game, including what players are allowed to wear. The ball itself is round, made of leather, and weighs around 14.5 ounces. The game is divided into halves, each lasting about 15 minutes. During the half, teams change ends and the referee may add extra time if a player has to return to the field after being injured.

The game was played for the first time during the 1908 Summer Games in London. Since then, it has been a feature of every Summer Games. Its popularity has continued to grow. In the 20th century, FIFA has steadily grown and has become the world’s governing body for football. In 1961, Guinea became the 100th member of FIFA and there were more than 200 member nations by the end of the decade.

Football matches involve two teams each with eleven players. The goal of each team is to score more goals than the opponent in 90 minutes of play. Each half is separated by a fifteen-minute half-time period. After the half, the teams return to the game. The second half of the match will also include injury time.

The game is controlled by the referee, who is also the timekeeper. There are also two assistants who patrol the field and signal when the ball is out of play or when a player is offside. A foul by a player results in a yellow or red card. The player receiving the yellow or red card is dismissed from the game.

In 1870, the leading football clubs began charging spectators to watch matches. They were now able to pay high wages to attract the best players – mostly from Scotland. Working-class players sought professional status because it would provide them with financial rewards for “broken time” and risk of injury. The FA’s amateur policy continued to protect the interests of the upper class.

When the game is tied, extra-time is played. If necessary, penalty kicks are taken. The teams may try to settle the score in a game-winning overtime, but they are unlikely to win the game. If a player scores a touchdown, the team may try to convert the touchdown. In addition to scoring points, the offense can attempt a field goal.

The most important goal in the game is to score a touchdown. This can happen by carrying the ball across the opposition’s goal line or catching a pass in the end zone. This is worth six points. The scoring team also receives an extra-point bonus in this situation, known as an extra-point conversion.