What You Need to Know About the NBA


The NBA consists of 30 teams, divided into two conferences and three divisions, each with five teams. The league’s current divisional alignment was first implemented for the 2004-05 season. Most teams are located in the eastern half of the United States, with thirteen in the Eastern Time Zone and nine in the Central Time Zone. In addition to their location, NBA teams also include their history. In 1948, the Rochester Royals and Fort Wayne Pistons joined the league from the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The NBA’s playoff format was changed in 2006-07, with the better regular-season record having home-court advantage. The higher-seed team would play a lower-seed team in the first round. This means that the team with the higher seed would have home-court advantage against a team with a lower record. The top seed would play the fourth-seed Portland Trail Blazers, and the lowest seed would play the fifth-seed Phoenix Suns.

The NBA is also committed to social responsibility and has its own Diversity Team to ensure that its talent mix is inclusive and leveraged to the maximum extent. This group works with various departments throughout the League to help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness. The Diversity Team also works with the NBA’s suppliers to help them increase their diversity learning efforts. There are several organizations within the NBA that focus on addressing these issues, including the Association, the NBA Players’ Association, and the NBA Global Innovation Group.

The NBA season is comprised of 82 games played by a team of 15 players. Twelve players play in a game and nine are on the bench. Each game lasts for four quarters and one overtime period. In addition, the shot clock is twenty-four seconds, which resets to 14 seconds on an offensive rebound. The court is fifty feet wide and ninety-four feet long. Whether the team is playing at home or on the road, they will have to play 82 regular season games in order to reach the postseason.

In addition, the NBA uses the NBA G League as a testing ground for new rules. The league eventually implements several of these rules in the NBA. Some of these rules are the Coaches Challenge and the 14-second shot clock reset. There are a lot of interesting rules and players. In the NBA, you’ll be able to enjoy some great games in your city! Please consider this when deciding what to watch.

The regular season of the NBA pauses for an All-Star Game in April. The two highest vote-getters in each conference are chosen as captains, while the remaining 14 All-Star starters are chosen by the coaches of each team. Each team then drafts their team out of a player pool and chooses its captain. Each team will also select one Game MVP, which recognizes the player’s best performance during the game.