1. Puasa (Upawasa) yang wajib (diharuskan) adalah:

  1. Siwaratri (lihat kalender) jatuh pada panglong ping 14 Tilem ke pitu, yaitu sehari sebelum tilem. Untuk y.a.d. jatuh pada Hari Rabu, tanggal 21 Januari 2004. Puasa total tidak makan dan minum apapun dimulai sejak matahari terbit pada hari Rabu tanggal 21 Januari 2004 sampai dengan matahari terbenam tanggal 22 Januari 2004. Continue reading Puasa

Besakih Temple

Bali’s “mother temple”, the largest temple in Bali, is over 900 meters up to the slopes of Gunung Agung. It has been regarded as a holy place since pre-historic times in Bali. The first recorded mention of its existence is from an inscription from the fifteenth century. Its has been regarded as a central, holy temple for the entire island. All the allegiances of the Balinese people come together at Besakih. Each Regency has its own temple within the overall compound, as do each of the caste groups. Continue reading Besakih Temple