Social Media and the NBA

The National Basketball Association is an international professional basketball association in North America. The league consists of 30 teams in all, and is one of the Four major professional sports leagues in the United States, aside from the National Football League. It is also the premier men’s professional Basketball League in the world. Aside from the four games per year, the NBA also holds annual summer tournaments like the NBA Challenge Games, which attract a huge audience and viewership, especially in America.


There are a lot of people who think that the NBA is only about professional basketball leagues. This is a misconception that they have in mind because the NBA has a lot of amateur teams as well. Every year, there are a number of teams that are participating in the NBA tournaments and play in different countries. This proves that the NBA has a wide fan base all over the world. And if you are a basketball fan, it would not be a surprise at all if you hear about the many ways in which you can be a part of the NBA.

In order to be part of the National Basketball Association, you must definitely have the passion and commitment to maintain the quality and the standard of the sport. The NBA players and the teams represent the best of sports league. The players and teams display the real nba spirit and have set core values that guide every member of their teams, whether they are from the local team or the teams from other countries. They are devoted to their beliefs and to the core values of the NBA.

The NBA has a vision statement that they want to continue to live by. The vision statement starts with the founding of the National Basketball League. With this, the NBA was able to establish its own identity as a legitimate and international sports league. With the help of Michael Jordan and with his amazing ability of playing the game and attracting a huge audience, the entire world was hooked and was always watching. The other members of the team and the players also have set core values that guide them and they also work diligently to achieve the same goal that the founding fathers of the NBA had.

With the success that the players and the teams have achieved so far, it is now the time for fans to have their share in the NBA. Through the recent rookie draft, where some of the best young players from the junior leagues around the country were selected, it has been a promising sign for the future of the league. However, the challenge still lies on how to further boost up the popularity and fan base of the NBA. Through this, it is now possible for fans to be a part of what is called the NBA live events.

Through the many live events held all throughout the year, it is now possible for fans to witness and participate in every NBA match. The most popular of these events being the championship series which NBA playoff runs each year. Not only does the live broadcast of these series attract a large number of audience, it also allows for fans to interact with the players, coaches and other officials through various means like social media.